San Miguel de Allende

It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve decided to go on a last minute solo trip to San Miguel.  I was about to start a new role at my company and had some time off.  I wanted to do something since when would I ever get a chance to have some time off with nothing planned whatsoever?  Given that no one can just take off work to join me on a trip, I’ve decided that I’d go solo.  I’ve never gone on a trip by myself and had always had an inkling to do so.  I booked my trip on a Sunday and left on a Wednesday!

I’ve heard of San Miguel before and had it on my list to visit for a while.  It is about a 4 hour drive from Mexico city, a mountain town a w a y from everything.  It is a main hub for arts and culture and I was sold!

I arrived in Leon in the evening and took a van service to San Miguel.  Approximately an hour and a half drive.  I checked into my hotel in the center of town and they gave me a suite for like $40!  I didn’t have dinner so I ventured out at 10 pm all on my lone self to find food. Surprisingly, it’s safe and quiet in the town.  No one bothered me.  I went to Sirena Gorda, recommended by my wonderful past co-worker Rosa.  I had tacos and a margarita for a little over $10 and it was all very satisfying!

The following morning I headed to La Ventana for some Chiapas coffee then walked over to Jardin Principal.  I sat there for a while and people watched.  I couldn’t help but think how beautiful this town is!  I headed to Esencia afterwards for 11 am yoga class.  It did take me twice the time to find the place because I don’t have data on my phone lol.  It was all good since I did find it!

That afternoon I went to the Artisan Market.  It was about four or so blocks of the same knick knacks and trinkets.  I browsed but wasn’t really interested in purchasing gifts there.  Browsing was fun enough!  I ended up getting lunch at the market where they have the typical Latin market stalls and offerings.  I ordered some fresh mango and papaya juice that filled me up before getting my huge plate of enchilladas I recommend exploring markets in every city and/or country you visit.  You get a better understanding of the people, their way of life– oh and it’s super cheap too!

I took an afternoon stroll to the biblioteca and it is delightful!  The courtyard is peaceful and I can honestly hang out there all day long.  I love the fact that this town has many public open spaces for people to spend time in.

For happy hour I went to Hotel Nena and had a margarita with a view of San Miguel.  After the sun set I walked the old cobbled streets of San Miguel and am still in awe of how beautiful this place is!  I had an early dinner at La Posadita which I highly recommend for the views as well and delicious offerings.  I retired to bed early as I was beat but overall wonderful day of exploring of the town.

On my last day, I went to my usual coffee spot, people watched in the square, talked to a nice old man who divides his time between San Mimguel and the Bay Area (I am now considering disappearing to this town when I get old too!), checked out the Bellas Artes building, did some last minute shopping, and had a $30 massage before heading back to the airport.  Overall this was a solid trip that I would do again and again.  It gave me some break from my day to day life in the Bay, got to enjoy my own company, learned a lot about myself, and was able to manage being out of my comfort zone just fine.  This is one trip I will cherish in this lifetime.  ‘Til next time San Miguel, you are beautiful!!



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