Las Vegas: Work Trip

So to be honest, I’ve never been fond of Vegas.  It’s just  not my scene.  Period.  But with a 3 days/2 nights free trip, all expense paid, and my company putting me in a nice hotel– might as well make the best of it right?

I stayed at the Vdara hotel it is connected to the Bellagio and just right across the street from Aria.  I like the hotel and as we speak, I just soaked in the tub and in my comfy white robe and slippers, waiting for my room service.  The service is good and I do recommend it (if you can splurge) but just a heads up the Spa services they have is astronomical.  I just went to the miracle mile shop center to get a much affordable massage that does the job.

As far as food, I haven’t really ventured out this time as after the sessions throughout my day I am beat also the conference provides breakfast and lunch and is more convenient than walking all over this maze of a town.  I did get to try Milk Bar for the first time located in The Cosmopolitan and had their cereal milk with corn flake crunch which I highly recommend since it’s unusual and I haven’t had anything like it.  The dessert place is NYC based and it is right next to Momofuku also NYC based with its head chef David Chang.  I am planning to go to lunch there tomorrow and already have been eyeing the pork bun and pork belly ramen!!  I’ve only heard good things and I’m excited.

For nightlife, the conference I’m in got that covered.  We had a welcome party at Drai’s Beachclub/Nightclub– good music/crowd/vibe and the drinks were decent.  I would imagine that that’s the same as other nights except ours had about 3,000 people, craziness.

Walking around the Bellagio grounds and their exhibits is enjoyable enough for me, I’ve been to the Bellagio six years ago and it is still the same as it was, timeless I guess.  I’m not a gambler mainly because I don’t know how and don’t like losing money, haha so I can’t advise on how that experience is but I do know my co-worker won $500 bucks at a random table, beginner’s luck or first time in the Bellagio luck!?  There’s also Ceasar’s Palace for gambling connected to the Bellagio, it has nicer shops, more high end but still fun to browse.

All in all, my Vegas trip has been uneventful and I don’t mind that at all.  Vegas is that place you can’t completely avoid and will always be the same, it’s my third time here.  It is what it is and some people like it, some don’t but who cares.  Vegas is Vegas.


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