Stockholm: Layover

Currently en route to Barcelona as I type this post. We had about a half day to explore some of Stockholm. We found lockers to leave our bags and bought our Arlanda Express tickets ahead of time. Took the bullet train straight to central station and from there we transferred to Gamla Stan-Old Town. I’m not gonna lie but maps are limited and signage too so we had to back track a few times. Just warning you ahead of time in case Stockholm is on your next trip. It’s harder as we don’t have cell data so just using our two cents to get around is what we relied on and of course asking questions in the information booths.

When we got to Gamla Stan, we walked for a bit to check out the structures and had lunch. It was quite cold for March but I guess it’s winter here half of the year! Make sure you got a good warm jacket. I was a bit disappointed when I saw Stotergert, I thought it would be more grandeur but no I missed it a couple of times since it looked nothing like in the pictures.

After a few hours we headed back to the airport because of the cold and fatigue from traveling. All I want now is a nice warm bed and to be out of Sweden.


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