Spain Travels Part II: Sevilla

Alright, I may actually have to split my Spain travels into five parts haha.  Next stop Sevilla!  We may have stayed in Sevilla a tad bit too long but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We took a short flight from Barcelona to Sevilla then hopped on a taxi to the historic center of town where our AirBnb is.  Lo and behold we lucked out as the views from our flat is the freakin Giralda Tower!  We were high up but were still able to see the buzzing of the people below but high up enough to have a peaceful quiet stay.  Oh and to boot we had a really nice host who had beers for us in the fridge.  If you need the listing just let me know 😉

Sevilla is the capital of Andalucia and this place is home to three major historic sites, the Alcazar, Catedral de Sevilla / Giralda Tower, and the Archives of the Indies.  On our first day we headed to Plaza de España, built for an exposition and man this place was grand!  It’s a wonderful place for photo op.  We spent most of our first day getting our bearings and walking all over town, walked along the river by Torre de Oro.  Then we had tapas, we had drinks, we siesta-d, and we had more tapas and drinks.  Le sigh, what a life it is in Spain!

On our second day we wanted to cross off the Alcazar, I recommend buying your tickets ahead of time on line, for the earliest time slot available.  This place gets super busy and if you want to be able to enjoy it in peace, head over first thing in the morning and you won’t regret it!  This place was a Moorish palace for sultan kings and the architecture and grounds is too beautiful for words.  The gardens itself was like an oasis found in the middle of the dessert.  We spent most of our morning here navigating little pockets and havens of this palace.  Oh and as we were told many times, Game of Thrones season 5 was shot here lol!

After leaving the Alcazar, we headed to the shopping center to do some more shopping and browsing.  I’m telling you Spain=shopping and you never really hear that!  Then we lunched, we siesta-d, headed to the Plaza de Toros in the afternoon (which I also recommend) because when in Spain you learn the way of life and bullfighting no matter how violent it is and inhumane to some is part of their rich culture and history.  Our evening plans consisted of a Flamenco Show at the La Casa del Flamenco and I advise you guys see it in this location as it is small and intimate.  We enjoyed it very much!  After the show, we ate more tapas and wined the night away.

On our last day in Sevilla, we checked off the Catedral de Sevilla and the Giralda Tower.  I’m not gonna lie but by this time we were a bit church-ed out and gothic churches are just not as fascinating as Moorish architecture.  A couple of cool enough things that I took away from the church is seeing Columbus’ crypt and also climbing the tower and seeing the views of Sevilla from atop, it was breathtaking!  We also visited the famous crying Madonna which is outside of the old city center.  This famous statue is carried throughout the streets of Sevilla during Semana Senta which is a BIG deal in this part of the world.  It is a legit celebration and EVERYONE participates.  On our last evening we ate more tapas and drank more beer and wine.

I really did appreciate my time in Sevilla.  I don’t know if I will return again though but I am grateful for being able to see this part of Andalucia.

Until we meet again Sevilla.


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