OMG I’m so sorry about my blogging hiatus, work, life blah.  Alright, moving on, next stop Granada!  We booked our bust tickets through from Sevilla to Granada.  We set off to leave early so that we can be in Granada mid day.  Seriously travel in Spain is hassle free, super, super easy!  We got to Granada by lunch time, enough time to check in to a hotel that Rick Steves recommended, pick up our tickets to Alhambra, and get a quick bite.  One thing to note is wear good walking shoes as the trek to Alhambra is uphill and once you get to the top you will absolutely walk some more to actually take in all of what the Alhambra has to offer.

How can I describe the almighty Alhambra, other than it is almighty?!  It’s one of those WOW experiences in my life.  I am still in awe of the pictures I’ve taken and actually seeing that I myself was there to be one with its grand-ness.  Originally built as a fortress, by the Moors it got converted into a royal palace in the mid-11th, perched on top of a hill in Old Town Alhambra.  The history, moorish architecture, and details of this place is astounding, even Anthony Bourdain says so!

Though, just a warning, expect crowds when touring through this section of the Alhambra. It’s recommended that you book for the earliest time possible if you want to try to avoid the masses.  We spent a few hours here and I can’t highly recommend it enough.  It is the top 3 main highlight of our Spain trip.  I hope that you can travel here when given a chance.

We left the Alhambra before sundown, cleaned up in our hotel, and headed out to town for some good eats.  Granada is one of the only towns left in Spain that serves free tapas when you order drinks so I drank and ate and drank and ate, make sure to take advantage of it ;)!  We ended our day in Granada by going for a stroll around the old square, did some shopping, and enjoyed the lovely evening in the old town.  What a wonderful experience, thanks Granada!


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